Operational Wargaming

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Participant level

This course is designed for those who operate a Kubernetes cluster as part of their job. You should be familiar with the architecture of Kubernetes and its components and have a good understanding of different resource types.

Learning outcomes

Participants are divided into teams and provided with their own GKE cluster running a “mission-critical” service.

Through a series of scenarios based on real-world issues tackled by Jetstack and our customers, the “wheel of misfortune” is spun, and clusters are subjected to changes affecting the availability of this service. Teams will battle it out to see who can fix the issue fastest!

After each scenario, participants are presented with a detailed diagnosis of the issue followed by a discussion around related concepts.

Operational Wargaming

Jetstack wargaming gave validation of our decisions so far, ideas for improvements and a good test of our ability to support the infrastructure we've built.

Workshop Attendee, Holiday Extras

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