Kubernetes in Practice: Day 1

Duration: 1 day

Participant level

This course is designed for those who are new to Kubernetes and want to learn how to operate a Kubernetes cluster. Our participants typically include SREs, DevOps, and Operations people. You should be familiar with the command line, Linux and container technology.

Learning outcomes


How Linux containers allow applications to be run in isolation

How applications map to Kubernetes Pods and are exposed using Services

The purpose of core Kubernetes resources (Pod / ReplicaSet / Deployment / Service / Labels)


Provision a Kubernetes cluster

Run an application on Kubernetes and examine its logs and monitor its health

Use Readiness and Liveness probes to allow Kubernetes to maintain an application

Kubernetes in Practice: Day 1

The workshop helped me understand what Kubernetes are made for, what the building blocks are and how we are supposed to use them. That was the aim, so I’m really really happy I attended the workshop!

Workshop Attendee

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