Istio Service Mesh

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Participant level

This course is for those just who have experience of deploying applications to Kubernetes and wish to make use of the more advanced application deployment and networking configurability offered by Istio.

Learning outcomes

Day 1


How Istio allows for intelligent and fine-grained traffic management and traffic shaping

Using Istio for Authentication and Authorization

Collecting fine-grained metrics, logging, and tracing information


Visualise Istio traffic with Kiali

Update applications using canary rollouts and A/B testing

Secure applications by encrypting service-to-service traffic


Day 2


Deep dive into the architecture of Envoy and Mixer components

Use Istio to perform circuit breaking on traffic within the service mesh

Best-practice deployment models for running multi-cluster Istio


Mirror traffic into another service

Manage, deploy and connect multiple meshes

Extend mesh functionality using Envoy WASM plugins

Use fault injection to test application resilience

Istio Service Mesh

Awesome workshop on Kubernetes by Jetstack at Google today. Lots of lightbulb moments!

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