Serverless on Kubernetes with Knative

Duration: 1 day

Participant level

Participants should have used Kubernetes and deployed some simple applications, rolling Dockerfiles manually or with some kind of service. To get the most out of the day participants must bring their own laptop, with a development environment ready to use.

Course content

Learn how to deploy Istio and Knative to a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster, then deploy an application to the cluster using Knative services. This application is iterated and improved upon throughout the day; first, the service is modified so that the application autoscales based on request demand, then service logs and metrics are accessed to allow attendees to learn how to perform simple diagnostics and debugging. Advanced deployment patterns using Knative and Istio traffic shaping are later covered.

Awesome workshop on Kubernetes by Jetstack at Google today. Lots of lightbulb moments!

Workshop Attendee

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