Kubernetes Training

In-Person Training

Learn Kubernetes directly with our team

Kubernetes in Practice

Kubernetes in Practice: Day 1

One day training

Introduces core Kubernetes concepts, including security and isolation, application deployment strategies, health-checking, application logs, and package management. Topics are accompanied by hands-on labs to allow participants to gain practical experience of implementing these concepts.

Kubernetes in Practice: Day 2

One day training

Covers advanced Kubernetes features and components, and how to leverage them to automate away operational toil. In the hands-on labs, participants gain experience of configuring autoscaling, advanced scheduling strategies, Ingress and networking, StatefulSets and monitoring/alerting.

Advanced Operations

Operational Wargaming

One or two day training

Prepares operations teams for managing Kubernetes clusters in production. Encounter common Kubernetes outages in a controlled wargaming environment so that production outages can be resolved calmly and swiftly.

Extending Kubernetes with Operators

One day training

Introduces the concept of Kubernetes controllers, sometimes called operators, and outlines best practices for extending the functionality of the API server using Custom Resource Definitions. Participants gain an understanding of the inner workings of the Kubernetes API server, which serves as the front end for the Kubernetes control plane.

Istio Service Mesh

One or two day training

An introduction to what Istio is, its underlying architecture, and how to use it to enhance an application’s capabilities on Kubernetes. The course covers secure and intelligent routing, best practices for monitoring, logging, tracing and traffic management, which together can be used to gain a better insight of an application’s behaviour and performance.

Application Development

Kubernetes for Application Developers

One or two day training

Explores the mechanisms offered by Kubernetes that allow application developers to iterate faster and more safely. Covers design patterns and deployment strategies that are in use today, and empowers participants to make the right design decisions to allow their applications to run effectively and reliably in Kubernetes.

Serverless on Kubernetes with Knative

One day training

Participants are guided through deploying Istio and Knative to a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster, followed by instructions on how to deploy an application to the cluster using Knative services. The application is iterated upon and improved throughout the day, simulating a real-life development lifecycle. Later, advanced deployment patterns using Knative and Istio traffic shaping are covered.

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