In-Person Training

Learn and engage directly with our team

Kubernetes in Practice


One day training

This course is for those who are just starting out with Kubernetes. Gain an introduction to Kubernetes core concepts, and work through hands-on labs that cover persistent volume types, application logs, and using Helm to package and deploy applications.


One day training

Learn about more advanced features of Kubernetes, and how to use them to lessen operational burden. Hands-on labs cover Autoscaling, the Control Plane, Ingress and StatefulSet.

Advanced Operations

Kubernetes from Scratch

One day training

Provision a Kubernetes cluster manually from the ground up: Learn how to configure cluster components such as apiserver, controller-manager, scheduler, etcd, kubelet, kube-proxy, and container runtime.

Operational Wargaming

One day training

Test your ability to operate Kubernetes under pressure with our team ‘Wargaming’ exercise. We will break your Kubernetes cluster, and you must work together to overcome production issues and common cluster failures.

Application Development

Kubernetes for Application Developers

One day training

Explore Kubernetes from the app developer’s perspective. Learn how to prepare workloads for Kubernetes while paying attention to best practices. Hands-on labs covering Liveness Probes, Init Containers, Secrets and more.

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