Training Subscription

On-demand training and resources to maximise operational confidence

What is it?

Jetstack have built their training courses around the knowledge gained in delivering production-ready Kubernetes for their customers.

They have seen Kubernetes used at every scale, from the smallest of businesses to the largest of enterprises, and know where all the sharp edges are!

Jetstack have run dozens of Kubernetes training workshops, and have refined their materials over the course of three years.

They know exactly what you need to up-skill quickly and effectively.

With Jetstack’s training subscription, you get:

  • Access to Jetstack’s training modules, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced material.
  • Wargaming scenarios: test how you would respond to Kubernetes production issues.
  • Operational playbooks giving step-by-step fixes to common production issues.
  • Automatically updated materials to reflect new Kubernetes features, and the latest ecosystem tools.

"I’m in a position where I know what I need to focus on, just need to get some hours under my belt playing with it."

Workshop Attendee