KubeCon Europe 2019

Cloud Native Wales: How We Contributed to the Community with No Code

Lewis Denham-Parry

In 2018, two people from Wales, United Kingdom decided to bring the CNCF to their doorstep.

Previously, they were attending international conferences and national meetups to meet and be a part of the community.

Knowing that they were in a privileged position, they wanted to share it with others that, for whatever reason, were unable to make these events.

Cloud Native Wales will be soon celebrating a year of meetups, and best of all, we get to share this with the 100’s of people within our meetup community.

This talk will inspire you to take the chance to branch the CNCF and build a community closer to home, help others learn, share and contribute to the world wide community.

Event KubeCon Europe 2019
Speaker Lewis Denham-Parry
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