KubeHuddle 2022

Building Operators for Legacy Software: or Running Minecraft on Kubernetes

James Laverack

I’ve always loved Minecraft, and I’ve always loved playing it with my friends. Being the one with a home server, I setup my own Minecraft server. Soon I wanted to manage it with Kubernetes like the rest of my applications, and wanted to automate common tasks like backups and upgrades. So I made an operator. This talk will cover the how of making an operator for a ‘legacy’ application that is not designed to be cloud-native, and why you might want to do it. The operator is open source at https://github.com/jameslaverack/kubernetes-minecraft-operator. The operator and the talk are not endorsed by Mojang Studios or Microsoft in any way.

Event KubeHuddle 2022
Speaker James Laverack
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