Google NEXT London 2018

Microservices & Monoliths

Matthew Bates

Kubernetes has seen rapid adoption and is now the de-facto platform for containrised application deployment. But it is not always clear to organisations if it is a suitable platform for all their application workloads, especially existing monolithic enterprise applications, or just the new and shiny microservices. Since the very early days of the project, Jetstack has migrated organisations of all sizes and complexity to Kubernetes. In this talk, we will look at the suitability of various types of application for Kubernetes, and the unique challenges (and at times, opportunity) for legacy workloads. A key takeaway will be recommendations for enterprise to consider as they plan their path with Google Kubernetes Engine, ensuring that it is used as the right tool for the right job.

Event Google NEXT London 2018
Speaker Matthew Bates
Slides Open Slides

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