Accelerate Your Kubernetes Project

With Jetstack services

Consulting and Engineering



T&M / Project-Based

Jetstack have deployed production-ready Kubernetes for the hottest start-ups and the largest Enterprises. Their wide variety of experience will enable you to get the most out of Kubernetes and make sure you avoid unnecessary issues and pitfalls.

They track the Kubernetes project daily, and contribute code regularly. They thrive on tackling the most difficult challenges around Kubernetes, everything from persistent storage to cluster federation.

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Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes Workshop - One Day

Kubernetes Training - Three Days

Kubernetes Advanced Operations - Two days

There’s no generic slideware here, these are hands-on modular courses that will train you how to deploy Kubernetes, how to get it into production, and how to operate and manage it efficiently and effectively.

Jetstack’s training courses draw from their learning when deploying Kubernetes for their clients, and we focus heavily on proper knowledge transfer. Make your team stronger with Jetstack training.

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Kubernetes Production Readiness

Day 1 - On-site cluster review

Day 2 - On-site cluster review. Major concerns flagged and mitigations proposed immediately

Within 15 days - a full and comprehensive production readiness report, delivered on-site

Have you already built a Kubernetes cluster, but want the confidence it won’t die when you move into prod?

A Production Readiness engagement will ensure the cluster has been built to best-practice and report on improvements with actionable and prioritised recommendations.

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Kubernetes Quickstart

Day 1 - Understand the environment and requirements

Day 2-4 - Build and deploy a cluster demonstrator and fit to customer environment

Day 5 - Introductory workshop on using the cluster in practice with GKEs

Want to get a Kubernetes cluster up and running within a week? Kubernetes Quickstart is designed for companies with a working knowledge of container technology who want help to build and run their applications on a Kubernetes cluster.

The Jetstack team will get you from Zero to Kubernetes, without the pitfalls and without any wasted time. The cluster will be built to best-practice, and will provide an excellent foundation on which to work from. Your team will gain important skills, and get an introduction on how to run the cluster with an introductory workshop.

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