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Due to current concerns around COVID-19 these courses will be delivered remotely

Open Sourced by Google in mid-2014 ‘Kubernetes’ builds on 10 years of managing Linux Containers at massive scale.

Since then the Kubernetes project has exploded, gaining over 75,000 commits and 48,000+ stars on Github. It has quickly become the default cluster manager, referred to as the new ‘Datacentre OS.’ Kubernetes is a must to learn if you are using or adopting containers.

These are hands-on modular courses that will train you in deploying Kubernetes and operating it efficiently, whatever your level of experience. These are FREE courses hosted by Google, run by Jetstack. Lunch is provided.

To attend you must:

  • Register with company email address
  • Either be working on or about to start working on an active Docker/Kubernetes project
  • Demonstrate a skill level consistent with the course level specification (see below)
  • Be able to travel and attend course in London

Please note:

  • Admission is subject to review based on attendance criteria
  • No more than two attendees from the same company can register on the same course
  • No more than six individuals from the same company may attend a course during a calendar year
  • This training is run in conjunction with our partner Google and your details will passed to them when you register

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Participant levels

Kubernetes In Practice: Day 1

This course is for those just starting out with Kubernetes. Participants benefit from a high-level understanding of what the platform has to offer. They may have some Docker experience but this is not a requirement.

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Kubernetes In Practice: Day 2

Participants should have completed our Kubernetes in Practice Day 1 course or have equivalent experience. Those familiar with basic Kubernetes concepts can start here.

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Istio Service Mesh: Day 1

Get an understanding of what Istio is and it’s components. Learn how you can use the basic building blocks to enhance your Kubernetes capabilities and application experience all through Istio’s features.

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Serverless on Kubernetes with Knative

Learn how to deploy Istio and Knative to a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster, then deploy an application to the cluster using Knative services.

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Matt Bates

Co-Founder, Engineering at Jetstack

Janos Lenart

Solutions Engineer at Jetstack

Luke Addison

Solutions Engineer at Jetstack

Course Dates

Kubernetes in Practice (Nordics)
Day 1

Kubernetes in Practice (Nordics)
Day 2

Kubernetes in Practice
Day 1

Kubernetes in Practice
Day 2

Day 1

Serverless on Kubernetes

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