Diagram showing that Preflight inspects your clusters and generates reports


Jetstack Preflight helps you better understand your Kubernetes environments by constantly scanning for mis-configurations that may be opening security holes, causing costly excess resource usage or making your cluster harder to maintain.

Preflight checks your environment against hundreds of policy rules, all developed by our Kubernetes experts and based on years of working with customers’ production workloads. Data from your environment is continually checked against policy rules and the results are summarised in clear reports that highlight the areas most in need of your attention.

Gain visibility in to the workloads running in your Kubernetes environments

You don’t always know exactly what is running in your Kubernetes clusters, either because developers may have deployed things that you don’t know about, or because configuration changes have left applications running that everyone thinks have been removed.

Preflight allows you to see exactly what is running in each cluster without requiring you to pre-approve every change or specific tools to deploy the clusters or their applications. Preflight will also highlight anything that is particularly high risk because of configuration problems, whether that is potential security holes or excess resource usage.

Diagram showing how preflight uses an agent in your infrastructure to report data to the Preflight SaaS for analysis and reporting

Automated verification of cluster compliance and conformance

Preflight is a core tool for your Kubernetes team, providing a seamless compliance checker so that your business can move quickly on improving your Infrastructure, whilst having the confidence that it meets the highest standards of best practice.

You can rely on our Kubernetes expertise to catch many common Kubernetes errors.

Screenshot of the summary of a Preflight report for a Kubernetes cluster

Ready-made policy packages that are maintained and updated for common cloud native Architecture and patterns

Preflight packages are constantly updated through shared knowledge in Jetstack, meaning they are always covering the latest developments in upstream technologies and cloud infrastructure.

Supported Packages

Kubernetes Pods
Covers configuration of basic Kubernetes resources
Configuration of cert-manager, and associated resources, e.g. Secrets
Google Kubernetes Engine
Covers configuration of the cluster within Google Kubernetes Engine
Reports outdated or insecure versions of Kubernetes addons

Coming soon

AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service
Configuration of clusters within these hosted platforms
API Version Deprecation
Reports when using Kubernetes resource versions that have been deprecated and are about to be removed
Covers configuration of the service mesh and its use by other services

Hosted, managed, or on-prem

Preflight supports any Kubernetes environment, hosted or on-prem, and can be used when you have a heterogeneous environment. There are policy packs that check specific rules for each environment so that you be sure that you have the best configuration in each case.

Platform Supported Platform-specific checks
Google Kubernetes Engine
Azure Kubernetes Service Coming soon…
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Coming soon…
Self-hosted Coming soon…

Easy to digest recommendations

Jetstack hosts a secure web portal to view the latest reports of checks, ensuring that all members of your team are able to evaluate the current state of your Kubernetes infrastructure. The reports highlight the most important items for you to review and deal with before they become costly.

The recommendations are updated with new Kubernetes versions so that you can be sure that you are always up to date with best-practices.

Screenshot of a recommendation made by Preflight about how options to rectify a configuration issue

Historical reporting

Preflight maintains a historical record of the reports from your environments. This allows you to confirm the earlier state of your cluster when needed.

It also powers our notification feature that informs you when new violations occur within one your environments.

Screenshot of the history of Preflight reports for a single cluster

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