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Kubernetes Beginner - One Day
Kubernetes Intermediate - One Day
Kubernetes Advanced Operations - One Day

These are hands-on modular courses that will train you in deploying Kubernetes and operating it efficiently, whatever your level of experience.

Jetstack’s training courses draw from experience of deploying Kubernetes for clients. They are very interactive, and give you the chance to explore key areas of interest.

"I’m a newbie to Kubernetes, so there was enough information to get me started with it."

Workshop Attendee


You will learn how to deploy a microservices application to Google Container Engine (GKE). We will explain the core concepts of Kubernetes and give hands-on, instructor-led labs that cover topics such as persistent volume types, application logs, and using Helm to package and deploy applications.

At the end of the day you will also see Continu- ous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) on Kubernetes, as an application is deployed into multiple environments before being rolled out to production.


We will demonstrate some of the more advanced features of Kubernetes and how you can use them to reduce the operational burden on your team. We will give hands-on, instructor-led labs that cover topics such as auto-scaling, the control plane, Ingress and StatefulSet.

You will also get to set up a CI/CD pipeline running on Kubernetes, deploying to multiple environments with Helm. We will introduce cluster federation and see a federated, multi-region cluster in action using an example microservices demo application compared to your peers.


You will learn about pushing the boundaries of Kubernetes by focusing on advanced features and doing a deep dive of the internals. You will get a flavour of what it's like to be responsible for a cluster at scale, hearing about SRE best-practice at Google..

Then, how would you fare whilst operating Kubernetes under pressure? Find out in our team 'Wargaming' exercise. As part of the challenge, we will break your Kubernetes cluster in a series of different ways, leaving you and your teammates to figure out how to fix it.

Note: Scenarios are based on real-world Kubernetes issues faced by Jetstack engineers.

"I now know the basic concepts and building blocks and I have a sense of what's possible."

Workshop Attendee