cert-manager Community Day

Address Virtual Event
Date 9 Sep 2020
Start Time 4:00pm
End Time 8:00pm

Inaugural cert-manager Community Day

Join us virtually on September 9th for our first ever cert-manager Community Day as it reaches the momentous milestone of v1.0!

Learn more about the project and where it’s going, hear from end users about use cases with talks and demos, ask the maintainers anything and meet others interested in managing machine identities with Kubernetes and cloud native tooling. We may even have a special announcement!


Please register now to attend. A link that you will need to join this event will be sent to you 1-2 days prior to the event.

Note: we have a number of confirmed speakers (details soon) but we welcome additional proposals for talks. Feel free to join us and take part in anything from a short 10 min lightning talk all the way through to a full 30 mins (plus Q&A) talk - just let us know in the registration form and we’ll get back to you.


  • Welcome and introduction - Matthew Bates, Jetstack
  • Introducing cert-manager 1.0 - Maartje Eyskens
  • Integrating cert-manager with service mesh (Openservicemesh and Istio) - Josh van Leeuwen, Jetstack
  • Running cert-manager at (Web) Scale - Anurag Goel, Render
  • Advanced cloud patterns with inlets and cert-manager - Alex Ellis, OpenFaas
  • Let’s Encrypt: introduction and Q&A, Josh Aas, ISRG/Let’s Encrypt
  • Kubernetes Node certificate provisioning with kubeadm / CAPI - Richard Wall, Jetstack
  • Cert-manager “AMA” and Q&A - James Munnelly, Maartje Eyskens, Josh van Leeuwen, Richard Wall,
  • Vault integration - Josh van Leeuwen, Jetstack
  • Managing operators: Using cert-manager for your webhooks - Danielle Lancashire, VMware

cert-manager Project

It’s been quite remarkable to see cert-manager grow to where it is today. Pioneered by an early engineer at Jetstack, and with the support of a team of maintainers at Jetstack, it is today used by companies all across the world, and in all sorts of industries, including government departments, large financial institutions, car manufacturers, retail stores and more.

With a thriving developer community of over 250+ contributors cert-manager has really asserted itself as the go-to tool for using certificates in the Kubernetes space. The community has provided feedback through design discussion, user experience reports, code and documentation contributions as well as serving as a source for free community support. The community has been invaluable to the project’s success and we’re thankful for everyone’s contribution to get it where it is today.

cert-manager Community Day

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