Google Anthos for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Address Virtual Event
Date 5 Nov 2020
Start Time 4:00pm
End Time 5:00pm

Google Anthos

Google Anthos is a framework of software components, orientated around managing the deployment and life-cycling of infrastructure and workloads across multiple environments and locations. With enterprises having established infrastructure presences across multiple cloud providers and on-premises locations, Google Anthos centralises the orchestration of segregated clusters and workloads, providing a single-pane-of-glass across hybrid and multi-cloud topologies.

The value proposition of Google Anthos is to enable environmental agnosticism, with containers and Kubernetes being the common denominator for our workloads. This allows for a level of portability through Google Anthos to manage workload deployments and lifecycles across multi-cloud (GCP, AWS and Azure), as well as on-prem data centres (VMWare & bare metal). At Jetstack, we’re seeing an increasing amount of clients seeking to either adopt or mature their Kubernetes offering, whilst leveraging the advantages of cloud-native principles in accordance with their business requirements and existing infrastructure investments.

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments

This webinar will introduce the context and motivations for Google Anthos and how it builds atop of technologies like Kubernetes and Istio to allow companies to modernise in place by laying the foundations to migrate and align workloads across organisational boundaries.


  • Welcome and introduction - Mattias Gees, Jetstack
  • Google Anthos features - Henry Bell, Google
  • Practical implementations of hybrid environments - Paul Jones, Jetstack
  • Q&A and closing - Mattias Gees, Jetstack


Henry Bell

Henry is an Application Modernisation Solutions Lead at Google, focusing on hybrid and multicloud Kubernetes and associated technologies, including service mesh and serverless application architectures. Since 2011 Henry has been architecting and building cloud platforms for organisations in both the public and private sectors – before that he worked in computer security and malware analysis, and before that in embedded software engineering. Henry is a strong proponent of free and open-source software, open standards and the consumption of zaru soba

Paul Jones

Paul is a Solutions Engineer at Jetstack, helping enterprise clients with their adoption and maturity of Kubernetes and the Cloud-Native landscape across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Paul has been consulting across the public and private sectors, orientated around software development, building cloud platforms and providing teams the resources to explore, enhance and extract the value that Kubernetes and the ecosystem provides.

Google Anthos for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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