Roundup - @JetstackHQ's Tuesday Twitter Tips for Kubernetes

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			Roundup - @JetstackHQ's Tuesday Twitter Tips for Kubernetes
A summary of @JetstackHQ Twitter Tips

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Last year we were successful with a series of Kubernetes tips shared via Twitter : it was called Tuesday Tips. Following a bit of a hiatus, we’d like to bring it back. We’re starting with a roundup of our previous tips (those that are still valid anyway!)

This blog post compiles a summary of them, and ranks them according to popularity. Looking back it’s amazing how much the project has changed, so we’re exploring new features and running another series.

First time around the top tip was:

#1 Software engineers love shell auto-completion because it saves time and keystrokes - this tweet shows how to enable it for the kubectl command.

#2 You don’t have to do anything special to get your service distributed across nodes.

#3 We showed you a new and easy way to spin up a Job.

#4 You need to be able to access certain types of pod using a predictable network identity - you can declare the DNS entry using PodSpec. This was a two-part tip - we gave you the annotations to achieve this in the previous version too.

#5 A bash one-liner for copying resources from one namespace to another. This deserved to place higher.

#6 DaemonSets run on all nodes - even those where scheduling is disabled for maintenance.

#7 Add a record of what has been done to your resource annotation.

#8 This is an important one - use kubectl drain to decommission nodes prior to maintenance (but see #6!).

#9 A guest tweet and a valuable one.

#10 Last, but certainly not least, as it’s still really useful for keeping track of your infrastructure.

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