Kubernetes in the Nordics!

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			Kubernetes in the Nordics!
Kubernetes in the Nordics!

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The journey to expand Jetstack into the Nordics started when I met the Jetstack team at KubeCon last year. Given our respective knowledge of the market from previous engagements together, we quickly agreed that building a presence in Stockholm was a natural and exciting next step for both sides. A few months in, and that has certainly played out. We’ve already run workshops, built partnerships and started delivering for our first customers (thanks to Jens and the Prorenata team 👋)!

Although the adoption of cloud native technologies is still modest in the region, we aim to help build that market and will offer support and experience to customers entering this world as we build the team out in 2020.


In December, we organised our first public training, Kubernetes in Practice, at Google’s offices in Stockholm. The Kubernetes in Practice workshops gives engineers a practical introduction to Kubernetes. It turned out to be a huge success and didn’t take long for the event to fill and for a wait list to be formed.

To start this year off strong we are excited to announce that we are organising 6 days of workshops during the first half of 2020. The first ones are hosted on the 25th and 26th of February and you can sign up for them here:

(25/02/20) Kubernetes in Practice: Day 1 (Stockholm)
This course serves as an introduction to core Kubernetes concepts, and includes hands-on labs covering persistent volume types, application logs, and using Helm to package and deploy applications.

(26/02/20) Kubernetes in Practice: Day 2 (Stockholm)
With this course you will learn about more advanced Kubernetes features, and how to use them to reduce operational burden.

Community and events

We are committed in our contribution to the growth of the Kubernetes community in the Nordics and in providing support to those who are curious about cloud native technologies. We’re looking forward to hosting more public workshops over the next few months and speaking at local meetups and conferences.

If you are running an event or a meetup, please reach out to us at [email protected]! We would love to come and share our experiences of building products, such as cert-manager and helping our clients to improve their infrastructure.

You can also keep an eye out here for upcoming event’s we’re hosting in the UK and Sweden, which we’ll also announce on our LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’ll see you in the Nordics!

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