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			Introducing Jetstack Subscription
Introducing Jetstack Subscription

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We are delighted to announce Jetstack Subscription, comprising tried-and-tested Kubernetes Reference Architecture, the highest quality training, and continuous support for organisations adopting Kubernetes.

As a leading Kubernetes company in Europe, Jetstack Subscription has been designed and refined to give organisations the confidence to take Kubernetes to production environments.

If you’re keen to upskill, need expert assistance with your clusters, or want to deploy Kubernetes to best practice, find out how the features of Jetstack Subscription can facilitate your Kubernetes experience:

Jetstack training

Reference Architecture

Subscription provides Reference Architecture for Kubernetes. The ready-made blueprints help accelerate adoption and integration of Kubernetes into environments with enterprise requirements, shortcutting many months of engineering effort building and designing these systems from scratch.

Built in association with a number of Jetstack customers, our reference architecture is an open source toolkit that combines best-of-breed open source tools from the Cloud Native Landscape, for Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management. It focuses on best-practice cluster security, management and operation (the ‘day 2’ operations that are often overlooked, in our experience).

Developed from the ground-up to be cloud provider-agnostic, it provides a means for consistent and reliable cluster deployment and management, across clouds and on-premises environments.

Jetstack Subscription entitles you to Reference Architecture implementation, integration and assistance from the creators and maintainers of the open source toolkit, with close visibility and contribution to the roadmap.

With a tried-and-tested Reference Architecture, you will have the confidence to deploy and operate your clusters to best practice.


Jetstack Subscription gives you access to up-to-date and on-demand Kubernetes modules and operational playbooks in order to prepare you for running Kubernetes in production and keep your skills sharp.

Maybe you’re upskilling for a new role, working towards a certification or planning to use Kubernetes in production. Perhaps you’re approaching the software for the first time, or have been using it for a while and want to test your existing knowledge.

Jetstack Subscription gives you on-demand, real-world Kubernetes training, whatever your experience.

Jetstack training courses have been built around the knowledge gained in delivering production-ready Kubernetes to our customers.

We have run dozens of Kubernetes training workshops, over the course of several years, educating more than 1000 engineers. The training materials are regularly refined and updated, and align with the CNCF curricula (CKA and CKAD). We know exactly what you need to up-skill quickly and effectively.

Jetstack Kubernetes

What do you get?

  • Training modules covering beginner, intermediate and advanced material for cluster and app ops users.
  • On-demand wargaming scenarios to test how you would respond to Kubernetes production issues, and prepare you for the worst.
  • Operational playbooks offering step-by-step fixes to common production issues.
  • Regularly updated materials to reflect new Kubernetes features, and the latest ecosystem tools.


With Jetstack Subscription, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our experienced team of Operations Engineers are on hand to help. It’s always good to know that someone has your back.

Jetstack Subscription provides you and your production team with ongoing support and assistance. Our engineers can help, regardless of whether you’re gearing up to run Kubernetes in production, you’ve just built your first Kubernetes cluster, or you’ve been running Kubernetes in production for some time.

Our engineers have seen Kubernetes used at every scale, from bootstrapped startups on a budget to the largest of enterprises replatforming across multiple environments. Our skilled team know where the sharp edges are, and through experience with our customers, we have seen all sorts of production issues and cluster breaks.

You will have access to invaluable advice on how to build Kubernetes to best practice when you are starting out, and ongoing assistance if you run into trouble.

With Jetstack Subscription you know your Kubernetes clusters are in good hands.

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Find out more

Jetstack Subscription launches at KubeCon EU 2018 in Copenhagen. If you’re there, come and find us at stand C07 to talk more about this new offering and how it can help you and your organisation.

Otherwise, visit the Subscription page at the website, and feel free to share your details so one of our team can get back to you.

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