Introducing Jetstack Cloud Native Accelerator

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			Introducing Jetstack Cloud Native Accelerator
Introducing Jetstack Cloud Native Accelerator

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We are now pleased to announce the availability of our Cloud Native Accelerator™, a full and holistic programme of consulting engineering, training and subscription, that provides a technology partnership as enterprises embrace Kubernetes and cloud native.

Our Cloud Native services

Since the early days of the Kubernetes project in 2015, Jetstack has helped organisations of all types of scale to adopt and make the most of Kubernetes as they establish platforms that enable them to more rapidly innovate. We have built a range of training workshops, delivered in-person (to 1000+ engineers over the last year alone) and now online and on-demand with our Flightdeck. We’ve a number of consulting packages, including Production Readiness and open source engineering. We’re a partner to many enterprises as they expand their platforms and operations with pro-active support, including 24x7 SLA response, with Jetstack Subscription.

Introducing Cloud Native Accelerator

Our mission with the Cloud Native Accelerator (CNA) is to accelerate the path to success with Kubernetes and cloud native.

  • We navigate the cloud native landscape on our customer’s behalf and provide a curated foundation of open source tools from the CNCF, Jetstack and the wider ecosystem.
  • We make this readily deployable for production with tried-and-tested reference architecture, enabling organisations to focus on delivering value early and rapidly bring services to production.
Cloud Native Accelerator components

Our approach has seen many of our customers avoid common pitfalls and delays that result in additional cost and time, and importantly the opportunity to innovate and drive competition.

“The fact that we have a high degree of automation, CD pipelines and a resilient cluster after 2 weeks is a great achievement and a demonstration of the value that Jetstack provide."

Lead Architect, Top 100 UK Website

Our experience has shown that many organisations are very keen to adopt cloud native, but this is a new and complex world, and it’s hard to know how to best take advantage of the opportunity and realise its benefits. Not only are the concepts of containers and service meshes often completely new to many teams, much of the ecosystem is fast-evolving and hence ‘best practice’ is a moving target that is hard to find. We’ve seen platform engineering teams reinvent the wheel, and rapidly accumulate technical debt, in a pursuit to ‘do cloud native’ without experience and the right level of support.

How does CNA work?

In a model we successfully follow across our portfolio of service engagement, Jetstack work closely alongside customers to guide and complement their own internal expertise. Through a collaborative programme of engagement, including:

  • mentoring
  • paired code development and review
  • workshops and training
  • agile process, including planning and retrospectives

Jetstack become an extension to the customer team. Our Solution Engineers have deep experience of cloud and the mechanics of Kubernetes, and how this can be best applied to make the most of the various cloud platforms and services.

What is Cloud Native?

Cloud has caused a seismic shift in the way that organisations use compute. No longer is it necessary to maintain costly hardware on-premises, but instead, organisations can tap into highly elastic, global cloud infrastructure on-demand, with the tap of an API request. Over several years, we have seen migration to cloud across all market verticals, but often this has been an exercise of ‘lift and shift’ that replicates similar architecture in the cloud, with like-for-like VMs.

Cloud native is an approach that combines tooling and process to make the most of the capabilities cloud can provide. It advocates use of microservices, containers and orchestration systems, to help build and deploy scalable and resilient software for modern and dynamic cloud environments. It aims to enable agility and reliability, meaning businesses can focus on innovation and customer delight, and ultimately, unlock increased business value.

Find out more

Come and find us at Stand SE10 if you’re at KubeCon Europe 2019 in Barcelona and we’ll be pleased to let you know more about CNA and how it can help your organisation onboard to Kubernetes and cloud native.

Otherwise, please contact us on our website or reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We’ll soon be kicking off a series of webinars to introduce Kubernetes and the core tenets of the CNA architecture, and how it can be used to modernise IT infrastructure and accelerate innovation - keep an eye out for dates and sign-up.

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