A Day in the Life of a Jetstack Solutions Engineer

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			A Day in the Life of a Jetstack Solutions Engineer
The Jetstack Solutions Engineer

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Solutions Engineer Luke provides an insight into what it’s like to work on Kubernetes projects with Jetstack.

What made you want to work for Jetstack?

I wanted to work for Jetstack because they offered me the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, both with private clients and in open source.

On one hand, I provide consultation for customers about Kubernetes best practices, and run workshops with Google to teach those who are relatively new to Kubernetes about the various tools available within the software.

On the other hand, the general consensus at Jetstack is that contributing to open source is very important. Whenever we feel we have a product that would be valuable to the community, we all try our best to get it out into the open.

I also liked the company’s openness to new technologies: they aren’t restricted to a certain type of toolset, so I knew that working with them would give me the opportunity to be more experimental. I felt that I could learn a lot whilst working for Jetstack.  

The two Matts, James and Luke at Container Camp 2017

Had you previously worked with Kubernetes?

Before joining Jetstack, I didn’t have any production experience with Kubernetes. My prior experience with Kubernetes was solely my personal interest in the technology: I ran clusters at home and experimented with the different set ups.

What support do you receive whilst working?

The key underlying aspect of the Jetstack team is that we are all very enthusiastic about Kubernetes and are eager to learn. In my opinion, this has a big impact on the team’s ethos, in that everyone is willing to help with problems faced by others. This really does make a big difference when you’re trying to solve a particularly difficult issue. For any task, support is readily available, as those who are more experienced in particular areas are always on hand to answer questions and guide those who are newer to the concepts.

Do you have the freedom to work alone?

I really value that Jetstack gives me the opportunity to work alone for periods of time, and properly get my teeth into problems. We divide tasks so that we are able to work independently, and then sync up to discuss any issues. A great thing I’ve noticed since starting is the amount of freedom I’ve been given: I feel that I can suggest things to work on, and I will often be given the time to explore them.

Hannah, James and Luke at a recent training workshop with a customer

What does your daily routine consist of as a Jetstack engineer?

It depends: if I am doing consulting work, or running workshops, I usually spend a whole day on site with a client, or at a Google training venue. For internal projects, timings are very flexible: I personally like to spend the morning working at home, and when I feel I’m at a good stage in my work, or need to discuss something with my colleagues, I usually work from the office from midday. At Jetstack we are given the flexibility to work from wherever suits us best.

In your opinion, what makes Jetstack unique as a company?

I think for me one of the main benefits of working at Jetstack is feeling that the work I do makes an impact in the company as a whole. I’ve previously worked for large companies where it can be hard to really see where your efforts go in some cases. At Jetstack you can directly see the impact your work has on clients and open source projects. It makes you feel valued, and, as a result, much more motivated.

Describe the Jetstack team atmosphere.

As I’ve mentioned, all those in the team are enthusiastic about their work, and so are keen to help out in all aspects of the company. Although we work across different offices and remotely, we often come together to catch up and socialise. We recently had an offsite trip to Wales in September, and try and organise regular visits to each office (London, Bristol and Birmingham).

Jetstack offsite in Swansea, September 2017

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