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			cert-manager Community Day videos
cert-manager Community Day roundup

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On the 9th September we had the first cert-manager Community Day. It was very successful with lots of great talks and questions from the community. We would like to thank everyone that contributed to the day, whether that was giving a talk, asking a question, organising behind the scenes or just attending.

We have now made the talks available as individual videos on YouTube for you to revisit or share with others:

You can also find them all in a playlist.

Getting Involved

If these talks have inspired you to get involved, sign up for the mailing list which we use to send out calendar invites. Once you have joined, you’ll receive invites to our bi-weekly development meeting (held every other Wednesday at 5pm UK time). The #cert-manager channel on the Kubernetes Slack is also a great place to start and get chatting about ideas or questions you have. Please drop by and say hello!

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