New Jetstackers in 2019

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			New Jetstackers in 2019
Introducing the new members of Jetstack!

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Since the start of 2018, the Jetstack team has over doubled in size. As we scale to tackle a variety of different projects, and grow out new functions in the organisation, we have been fortunate enough to welcome some new very talented team members in the start of 2019.

Zee, Solutions Engineer

Zee has joined as a Solutions Engineer to work in our Field Engineering team in the Midlands. He has been working with Kubernetes for the past 3 years as an SRE, and has worked on many different projects, including building a PaaS at and managing production-ready Kubernetes clusters in the fintech world at Curve. With this came a wide range of challenges to tackle in the world of devops and we’re thrilled he brings this experience to Jetstack and its customers.

When he’s not with customers, he spends time on YouTube producing Kubernetes episodes along with some other technical subjects - you can check out his videos at simplyzee! In his spare time, he loves spending time with his nephew and niece.

Zee Jetstack

Daniel, Solutions Engineer

Daniel has joined our Product Engineering team in London to work on the cert-manager open source project with James. He has been working on high-performance distributed systems for the last 5 years, in fields like compiler engineering, CDN web servers and time series databases. He realised that web security was important when he internet-enabled his coffee machine and came home to a flooded kitchen counter!

Daniel Jetstack

Jessica, Talent Manager

Jessica has joined us in a new role as Jetstack Talent Manager. Her main focus will be managing our recruitment pipeline, and she will also be helping out with events and marketing.

Jessica has been working in tech recruitment for the last couple of years and will be helping Jetstack to scale-up even further throughout 2019 and beyond. Despite living in London for the last 5 years, she originally hails from North Cornwall. Outside of work, you can find her exploring the globe or planning her next trip!

Jess Jetstack

Wil, Solutions Engineer

Wil has joined as a Solutions Engineer in the Midlands. He previously ran a business providing design and control of lighting and video systems for venues, mostly using Raspberry Pis. His interest in automation, containers and scalability led him to Kubernetes, and his friend and fellow Jetstacker, James, suggested he get involved! In his spare time Wil still enjoys visual design and creative lighting, as well as cooking and music.

Wil Jetstack

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