New Jetstackers in 2018

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Written by Hannah Morris

			New Jetstackers in 2018
Introducing the new members of Jetstack

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As ever, the Jetstack team are incredibly busy. Recent months have seen back-to-back Kubernetes consulting, training and open source development, as more and more companies adopt Kubernetes in order to meet the demands of their business.

It has to be said that at Jetstack we are scaling to meet the demands of our business: Just 3 months into 2018, and we have already grown by 3 members! We are delighted to welcome to our team Matt (yes, another!), Charlie and Simon, who all recently joined our London office.

Matt Turner

Solutions Engineer, London

Matt Jetstack

Matt has been a software engineer for 10 years, following a degree in Computer Science. He started with embedded systems, moved to development tools, then orchestrated VMs for Cisco. Most recently at Skyscanner, he introduced Kubernetes and cloud-native practices. His idea of “full-stack” is POSIX, Kubernetes, and now Istio.

It would be true to say that Matt enjoys travelling: He has been on holiday to Chernobyl, caving in Cuba, and he went to Comicon San Diego last year (outfitless, apparently). He once helped a friend move to Sweden by driving there in an £800 van. When asked about his music taste, Matt expresses his regret at not having seen S Club 7 live, but he has seen Steps and the Vengaboys. And Slayer. Oh, and he once tuned an engine so much it melted.

Charlie Egan

Solutions Engineer, London

Charlie Jetstack

Charlie comes from an application development background, but he’s been tinkering with containers on the side for a few years. He’s interested in how container tech can improve the developer experience and reduce anxiety around deploying software, and is looking forward to working with the team at Jetstack.

Away from the keyboard, Charlie enjoys ‘Parkrunning’ and posting pretty pictures on Instagram. He also makes a good homemade soup, which has helped him through his first weeks at Jetstack HQ during the snowy spells. Charlie is from Scotland and makes fairly regular trips home on the Caledonian Sleeper, which he promotes at almost every opportunity.

Simon Parker

Head of Growth, London

Simon Jetstack

Simon has over 11 years experience in the industry working for companies that include IBM, Accenture and Cloud Sherpas. He has been helping new startups disrupt and large enterprise organisations adapt to remain relevant through digital transformation. Although primarily focused on building strategic partnerships with customers, marketing and business growth, Simon is a technologist at heart and can often be found spinning up containers to test open source solutions to his problems!

In previous roles Simon travelled extensively around Europe, but he also managed to escape from working life long enough to spend some time with an indigenous tribe in Peru. He is a self-proclaimed Adrenaline Junkie, and is currently the proud owner of a Suzuki motorbike. He also sits on the board for two charities, where he shares his passion for technology in helping them leverage building tools with AI/Machine learning and releasing a mobile app.

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The Jetstack team is growing as we take on a variety of challenging customer projects, training programmes and open source development. We have an exciting and busy road ahead, and if you’d like to be a part of it please contact us.

We are currently looking for Solutions and Operations Engineers in UK/EU. Read about what it’s like to be a Solutions Engineer at Jetstack.

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