Cloud Native Infrastructure with Security, Integrity and Efficiency

Jetstack is an established Cloud Native technology services company with deep industry expertise helping enterprises build platform infrastructure using Kubernetes.

Team photograph

Our team reflects a unique blend of specialist skills

Matt Barker

CEO and Co-founder

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Joe Edwards

Growth Marketing Manager

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Richard Collins

Product Marketing Manager

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Anthony Holman

Customer Reliability Engineer

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James Westby

Head of Product Engineering

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Thomas Murray

Account Executive

Alex Wootton

Staff Solutions Engineer

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Greg Haynes

Service Delivery Manager

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Olivia Ha

Technical Project Manager

location kr location kp location pride

Oluwole Fadeyi

Software Engineer

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Peter Fiddes

Customer Reliability Engineer

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Oana Garnett

Head of Services

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Houssem El Fekih

Senior Customer Reliability Engineer

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Jake Tomlin

Operations Manager

Beth Cross

People & Culture Lead

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Chance Whittaker

Senior IT Operations Engineer

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Riaz Mohamed

Global Architect

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Cameron More

Head of Growth

Paul O'Connor

Territory Manager

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