The Container Experts

Containerising your stack with Docker and orchestrating it with Kubernetes
Jetstack will give you power and control of your IT infrastructure


Cloud management and support


We help you build a container management infrastructure that is flexible and easy to use.

Deploy your stack to the cloud and Amazon Web Services

Deploy & Port

We deploy your stack to the cloud. Containers will help you port it to another supplier if you find something better. 

Software legal and licensing

Legal & Licensing

If it's an open-source subscription model or proprietary with a license, we help you to navigate this complex topic.

Docker and containers work with your legacy systems and are fully secure

Legacy & Security

We are sensitive to legacy systems, security requirements and your existing in-house skills.

Docker and Kubernetes training


We train your staff on the stack of choice, the cloud environment, and the container technology being used.

Consultancy for Docker Kubernetes and AWS


We use mapping tools to find the cloud and software for your needs. We build a stack ready to deploy.


We bring years of experience in delivering and managing software in cloud environments.

Jetstack is independent and self-funded.

We pride ourselves on technical innovation, and we will never lock you into our services.


Managing Director  - Matt Barker

Consulting and Engineering Director - Matt Bates

Solutions Engineer - Christian Simon


Solutions Engineer - James Munnelly


"We had a critical piece of engineering to deliver. Struggling to identify someone with the specific expertise, we were lucky to find Jetstack. They were professional, easy to work with, and delivered high quality work within an incredibly tight deadline"

- Rob Haswell, Co-Founder ClusterHQ

"Easy to follow content, well presented, lots of interesting resources, you should seriously charge more!"

- Kubernetes Training Course Attendee

"Highly professional and a pleasure to deal with throughout"

- Jetstack Customer


London, United Kingdom, and 

1, Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BY

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